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How it Works

ReadyKids Virtual Occupational Therapy

A brave new approach to Occupational Therapy

Ready Kids Virtual Occupational Therapy provides proactive parents with online Occupational Therapy support.

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1. Sign Up to Virtual OT & Choose a Plan

Sign Up to Virtual OT  by clicking the 'sign up button on the top right of the menu bar. All of our plans feature no lock in contracts and a 7 day free trial so you can try virtual OT 

2. Complete a Virtual Assessment

After you sign in, you will have access to Virtual OT. Choose goals & problem areas to work on and receive recommended resources based on your child's goals and needs.

3. Browse over 100 other Resources to assist in your child's goals.


Repeat complete another Virtual Assessment to receive more recommendations.

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a 7 day risk free trial!

Our Interactive Virtual Occupational Therapist

Assess your Child

Our Occupational Therapists and developers have combined their knowledge and skills and created ReadyKids Virtual OT. We ask you a series of questions about your child and based on the answers you give us, we give you a list of suggested resources to look at.  

You can choose to work on one skill area at a time or you can complete different assessments for different skill areas.

Over 50 video resources to help your kids!

Practical Video Therapy​

The Ready Kids Virtual OT site contains over 50 videos. Trained Occupational Therapists created easy to understand videos to explain different skills. There are also Do-It Together videos where your OT can do activities together with your child.

Over 100 resources and more are added every week!

Activities & Informational Handouts

Trained Occupational Therapists created easy to understand videos to explain different skills. There are also Do-It Together videos where your OT can do activities together with your child.

Holding the Standards of Occupational Therapy

...Just virtually

Unlimited Access

You will have unlimited access to all of ReadyKids online resources, including parent education videos, do-it-together with your child videos, and written handouts. Focus on a single skill area or work on multiple skill areas at a time, the sky is the limit.

No Lock-in contract

All of our plans include no lock-in contracts so you can leave at anytime.

Wide Range of Skill Areas

We have resources addressing different OT skill areas including toileting, dressing, emotional regulation, play skills, social skills, fine motor, gross motor, sensory processing and general strategies.

Created by registered Australian Occupational therapists

All our resources are created by registered Occupational Therapists who have experience working with children. We know finding reliable resources can be hard. Therefore, we have created a one-stop-shop where you can find resources to help your child develop a range of skill areas.

A message to all the parents out there

Dear Parents


Let’s talk honestly for a minute.


We love providing face to face therapy sessions with your kids, but we know that it isn’t without its problems.


So let’s address them to help problem-solve together…


Face to face therapy is time-limited: Oftentimes when we see your little munchkins face to face it is only for the shortest of durations. We do our best to provide as much value as possible in the hour but know that it is the day in, day out routines that you have with your kiddies that will make the biggest of differences.


For privately paying parents: face to face therapy is expensive: For those parents of kids living with conditions that are not NDIS funded, such as ADHD, the cost of weekly therapy sessions can take a huge toll on a families finances. We hear first hand from our privately paying parents how hard of a position this leaves them in. We believe therapy should be for all and no parent should feel unable to afford to look after their child.

The waitlist: If you’ve ever tried to book an occupational therapist for your kid, you know exactly what we’re talking about here.

Its the classic,

“We’ll add you to the wait-list, a therapist should be able to see your child in 6 – 8 months”

Currently Australia has a huge supply/demand issue when it comes to the number of occupational therapist that are trained, qualified and able to see your kiddies. Clinics just can’t get enough new occupational therapists to satisfy the demand. And we aren’t immune, as of today, the Readykids waitlist is approx 5-6 months long. 

This just isn’t good enough!

And that’s why we created Virtual Occupational Therapy, to empower proactive parents with the tools they need to help their children!
Yours truly,

Sarah and Daniel from Ready Kids

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